Write It, Don't Fight It

A step-by-step course to become a prolific and joyful writer

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What if you could write faster and publish more content?

What if your inner critic stopped nagging?

What if writing was more joyful?

Joyful productivity helps you write with more ease, so you can publish content more regularly. It’s based on the following principles:

  • When you unclog your mind you can focus better, and focus is a superpower that multiplies your productivity
  • When you form a writing habit, no matter how tiny that habit is, you overcome resistance to writing, and your body of work grows over time
  • When you learn to troubleshoot your writing process, you get unstuck more quickly and produce good content faster
  • When your inner critic becomes quieter, you find more joy in writing, and your motivation and confidence grow

Joyful productivity creates a virtuous cycle or upward trend. When writing is more joyful, you feel more inspired. When you’re more inspired, you put in more effort. When you put in more effort, you feel more confident and you write faster. This is how you crush writer’s block, find your voice, and engage your readers with more gusto.

“Write It, Don’t Fight It” is no ordinary course

This course is based on proven methods—a unique mix from psychology, writing advice, and even sports science. You learn proven methods, but you also learn how to experiment and fine-tune your writing process, so you can feel at your creative best.

This course is a reference guide for life, and you can apply many of the principles in other areas of your life, too. For instance, establishing a solid writing habit gave me the confidence to form other habits, too, like learning to draw and meditating---activities that felt almost alien to me when I started.

And when I learned to work with my inner critic while writing, I became less critical of myself overall. I learned to embrace rather than fight my limitations, and to take better care of myself.

When you learn the principles of nurturing a healthy writing habit, you can take better care of yourself in other areas of your life, too.

How to become a highly productive and joyful writer

Imagine you want to become a faster runner. You wouldn’t just read exercise plans, would you? If you’re a pro, you run every day, you analyze your performance, and you may talk to a sports psychologist to improve your focus.

The same is true for building healthy writing habits. So, Write It, Don’t Fight It is a practical course. You learn in small, incremental steps, and at the end of each lesson, you find recommended activities to implement the advice, and questions to reflect on your habits, writing process and mindset.

We’re all different, so no one-size-fits-all approach exists. Instead, this is a banquet of strategies and tactics, so you can experiment and select what works for you---whether you should outline or freewrite, whether it’s okay to edit while you write, whether to set an audacious writing goal or whether you’re better off with a ridiculously low target.

This course on joyful productivity comes in three parts, in which you learn how to foster a healthy mindset, how to nurture good habits, and how to master your writing process.

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About the authors

Henneke Duistermaat is the main author of the Write It, Don’t Fight It course. As a writing coach, she has helped writers and non-writers get unstuck and fall in love with writing. As a blogger, she publishes high-quality blog posts on Enchanting Marketing regularly and she has contributed to popular blogs such as Copyblogger, Inc.com, HubSpot, and Crazy Egg.

In recent years, Henneke learned how to nurture a joyful mindset and how to become more productive despite chronic pain and fatigue. Henneke dislikes writing a first draft but loves editing. She thrives on steady progress towards her goals.

Kathy Keats helped structure the Write It, Don’t Fight It course and contributed her knowledge of sports psychology and peak performance. As a former world champion in dog agility, Kathy learned how to stretch her self-belief and perform at her best. As a high-performance coach, she now helps clients unclog their mind, so they can reach their potential in sports and in life.

Kathy lives on a farm, and in recent years, she has learned how to juggle farm and online business responsibilities, and how to gain focus and nurture a writing habit despite regular interruptions. Kathy loves freewriting, resists outlining, and loves to set herself big goals to challenge herself to write more.

In this course, Kathy and Henneke share what they’ve learned from their coaching practices, supplemented with solid academic research and their personal writing experiences.

Early Bird buyers can ask Kathy and Henneke questions in monthly “Ask the Authors Anything” sessions.

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